Seles and Marketing

} Posted on Apr 13, 19

Application of Product/Service:

Ceramic tiles are used for the beautification of building floors, interior, and exterior building walls, the floor of hospitals and health clinics, the floor of mosques and commercial centers, and floors of chemical processing industrial building. Ceramic tiles are better substitutes for mosaics. Developers of flats and apartments, affluent class of people, high-income group, people in the upper strata of the society with aesthetic values, and various public and private establishments are the users of these tiles. Because, ceramic tiles enhance the beautification of buildings, durable, easily replaceable, and less expensive than mosaic. The demand for tiles is increasing everywhere in Dhaka and all Divisional Head Quarters and other major cities and industrial and commercial centers in the country.

The project is viable as manifested by the financial analysis.

Product Promotion:

For the purpose of popularizing the product into the market, the proposed unit might require promotional activities at the initial stage of commercial operation. For this reason, the unit must ensure advertisement in the Newspaper, Radio/Television highlighting product quality and pricing aspects to the bulk users/customers. Besides, the proposed unit is required to maintain close contact with the cement distributors, building Construction Company and other major institutional users in the public and private sector for marketing their product.

Product Distribution:

This type of item is normally being sold through the appointment of agents/dealers at the key places over the country having commercial importance. Existing units in the country follow similar steps. The agents normally receive their allotted quantum of tiles from the factory premises at the ex-factory price. Subsequently, they sell the same to the users/customers with the addition to their profit margin. Proposed entrepreneurs will also follow the existing model of product distribution.