Product Line

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Quality of Product:

The quality of the product is considered to be a prime determinant for successful marketing of the product. Generally, buyers do not scarify quality for the sake of price. Consumers prefer imported tiles mainly because of the variety of quality and durability. In local tiles, plants are able to provide better quality and durable products thus it could easily compete with the imported tiles. So, the quality of the product must be ensured.

To produce quality tiles, sponsors must use proper and quality imported and local raw materials’ The Project will employ experienced and skilled personnel and the project will be equipped with a balanced and right type of machinery.

The quality Control section will also be equipped with necessary facilities so that the quality of the product can be ensured.

Purpose and Design of the Project:

Being successful and eminent entrepreneurs, the promoters recognize challenges the country faces to meet the emerging need for ceramic tiles and to deliver high-quality, durable ceramic tiles at affordable prices. Realizing this need, Top One is extensively focusing on this sector through this major investment undertaking to significantly contribute to the country’s national sustainable economic growth through the right business-to-business strategy.

The proposal aims at setting up of high-quality ceramic tiles manufacturing project at Angargara, Bhaluka, Mymensingh. The project has been designed to manufacture high-quality glazed wall and floor ceramic tiles to meet the demand of the domestic market and to meet the huge demand for quality ceramic tiles in the export market. The project has been proposed to set up with the plant & machinery and technical assistance of China and Italy, USA, Germany, Korea, and India, to produce wide variety tiles of excellent quality and international standards expiring the maximum utilization of available raw materials and resources in Bangladesh. Successful completion of the project would be a milestone in the history of Bangladesh to produce tiles of international quality to substitute the large import of foreign tiles. This is also consistent with the present Movement investment policy encouraging setting up industries to utilize indigenous raw materials. The project is expected to go into commercial operation within twelve months from the date of opening of the Letter of Credit for imported machinery.

Production capacity:

The annual rated net production capacity of the project based on 3 shifts operation of 8 hours each per day and 330 working days in a year is as under:


Item Unit Daily Production Annual Production
Glazed wall and floor ceramic tiles sft 204,440 67,465,200
sqm 19,000 6,270,000

Product Specification:

Sl. Nominal (fired) Tile X Size (mm x mm) Use Type
1 300 x 300 Floor Porcelain,


Glazed Tiles,

Polished Tiles.

2 400 x 400 Floor
3 600 x 600 Floor
4 800 x 800 Floor
5 200 x 300 Wall  


Glazed Tiles.

6 250 x 400 Wall
7 300 x 450 Wall
8 300 x 600 Wall