Our Management

Md. Monirul Islam

Mr. Islam is an eminent businessman in the agro and telecom sector. He has a successful business track that spans more than 12 years in the fields of agro exports and telecom distribution. He is the Chairman of MN Organic Agro Ltd., one of the leading agro-based companies that exports Fresh Potato, Yellow Maize, Green Mug Bean, Sesame Seeds, Sesame Oil and Seasonal Vegetables. He is also the proprietor of Voice Marketing which is a distributor of Distributor of Banglalink digital Communication Ltd. He has significant access to distributors, wholesalers and retailers throughout the country which significantly contributes to his entrepreneurial success. Mr. Islam completed his Masters in Political Sciences from Dhaka University.

Md. Monirul Islam



I want to express my gratitude to all of our dealers, customers, distributors, employees and professional advisors for making Top One Ceramic Industries Ltd. as a trustworthy Brand in Ceramic Sector of Bangladesh

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